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Welcome to LeMoel Enterprises we look forward to serving you! - Casey LeMoel.

LeMoel Enterprises is a company that was once well-known in the Kootenay's. The LeMoel family's hometown is Trail, BC. Casey LeMoel is relatively well-known and continues to wear many hats. He is a hard worker who never gives up, even when the odds are against him. In 2008, this company was brought to life by Casey LeMoel. It started with a Computer Division and a Residential Division. Later, a Rental Division was added. The Rental Division comprised Mr LeMoel's properties and rental properties from another real estate office where Mr LeMoel worked. 

After the Financial Commissions Board changed the rules, we had to comply and change our rental division back to a real estate office. Since then, LeMoel Enterprises has remained small. We offer Residential Services and a Rental Division comprising only Mr. LeMoel's property. 

Mr. LeMoel remains as active as possible due to his ongoing health issues. His biggest priority is staying healthy and helping his community and the world as much as possible.

Why Us?

Choose LeMoel Enterprises because The LeMoel's are well known in their community, super hard workers, offer great customer service and cares about the community and the planet. 

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