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Casey K. LeMoel,

Disabled Advocate, First Nation's Indian, News media Publisher and Canadian Businessman.


Legal Division, Professional experienced legal writer

Casey LeMoel is a disabled First Nations Indian with extensive legal experience. Casey has had an interest in the legal arena from a young age. He has studied hundreds and hundreds of hours along with his father. 

Casey has 26 disabilities which include ADHD and Delicia. He embraces his disabilities and is open about them fully. These conditions have a severe impact on his day-to-day life, which includes living and working. Casey has trouble understanding different areas but still proves to be smart in areas he has a great interest in, which includes business. Casey LeMoel refuses to let his conditions define him. He continues to move forward every day as best as he can. Casey knows life will bring you down if you let it!

Casey has learned his legal studies based on over 40 of his legal cases and assisted other people for free to help them understand the tricky and sometimes scary law courts. He has worked with lawyers, court clerks, and the Justice of the Peace and has been in the actual courtrooms in front of many judges and lawyers.

Casey has been involved in criminal cases, small claims, Civil Supreme, family and more! Casey has learned most of his legal knowledge from his hundreds of legal books and trial-and-error hands on. 

Casey is not a lawyer and is not intending to portray one. Casey cannot give you legal advice, but he can steer you in the right direction and fill out the proper forms for you. Casey LeMoel charges a fair rate for legal writing services. 

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